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adam and chelle 10 year anniversary | halifax ns wedding and engagement photography

Can we all agree that 2020 was a weird year? It was supposed to be one of those awesome ones, you know… super memorable and really prosperous! It was looking like 2020 was going to be my busiest year yet, but also a special one! 10 years of shooting weddings, 10 years in business!

On a personal level, it was 10 years of marriage for Adam and I. That’s a big one and we had big plans! We were going to go to Iceland to renew our vows (at least that was my big idea!)… but then 2020 did it’s 2020 thing and we were stuck home.

It’s okay though, it ended up being really nice in a strange way. I had less work which yeah, was stressful in one way but it gave me a chance to chill and breathe… grieve the loss of my dad finally (something I didn’t get a chance to do since he passed in 2019), spend more time with my mom, my cats, and most importantly Adam!
















anne and nick | halifax ns wedding photography

A little warning in advance, this blog post is super image heavy, but it’s worth the wait to let the images load, I promise!

Anne and Nick’s playful summer wedding was one of my favourites from last year. Anne, born in Nova Scotia, and Nick, from Germany, chose Chester as the perfect location to celebrate their love with friends and family from near and far.

Lobsters and Lederhosen was the slogan for their wedding dy, and it really lived up to that slogan. With special touches from Anne’s home town, and sweet European traditions, this wedding was definitely one to remember for us. We loved the perfect mix of east coast and German traditions!

Anne’s pink homemade dress, and lush floral bridesmaid’s dress (and one deluxe pink bridesmaid’s suit) made this wedding stand out, and will forever be one of my all time favourites!

melissa and jean | halifax ns wedding photography

With gorgeous lush florals, and burgundy touches Melissa and Jean’s sweet and intimate autumn wedding was nothing short of stunning!

Keeping things simple by focusing on getting the best ceremony pics, the sweetest (and most epic) bride and groom photos, and some super fun reception photos, these two really knew how to please us as wedding photographers! We love working with fun and adventurous couples who put a big emphasis on photography for their day.

On top of having loads of photo time (and wanting to go to the most amazing location for photos) these two had a pretty amazing reception with some touching speeches, the best wedding food we’ve ever tasted, and one hell of a Newfie party complete with a cod kissing tradition!