Life is an awfully big adventure …

wife and husband. photographer team, dreamers, cat owners, world travellers, and coffee drinkers.

we fell in love young, and married young, but we knew from the moment we met that we were going to be together forever.

we’re easy going people, and we enjoy the small things in life (including our adorably tiny 600 square foot home) and try to live modestly and gratefully. we want to experience life in the best way, traveling the world, photographing people and their stories, and loving each other no matter what.

besides photographing people, we love a good netflix binge, making friends with complete strangers, sitting together in our favourite coffee shop all day long, and all-you-can-eat sushi!


chelle documents everything. whether it’s with her camera, or her iphone (after all, the best camera is the one you have with you, amiright?) she takes photos of everything, all the time (mostly cats.)

she has a fine arts degree from NSCAD with a major in photography, and a minor in art history. if it wasn’t for her love of photography and the ocean, she’d probably be working in a museum in Paris, France. either that, or living in a cabin in the middle of nowhere at the bottom of a mountain in Iceland.

she has a bit of an ikea obsession, and looks at their website daily… precisely planning out each space in her house, dreaming of the day when her house will look like an ikea showroom.

she loves bears (black bears, panda bears, polar bears, koala bears, if it has “bear” in its name, she loves it!). she loves sleeping in, eating breakfast for supper, and snuggling kitties.

chelle bursts with creativity. she is a real day-dreamer, and has a childlike giddy-ness about her, which helps remind adam everyday about the importance of being young at heart.

if chelle had a free weekend: if money was no issue, she’d travel! she would hop in the car with a backpack and her camera (and of course adam too) and just drive. it wouldn’t matter where, just so long as there was some good snacks, and an adventure to be had.


adam is one of the kindest, sweetest people you’ll ever meet. he gives the best hugs, is pretty much a giant teddy bear (which might explain why chelle loves him), and he would love nothing more than to be your friend.

he didn’t go to school for photography, but since meeting chelle during her studies in 2008, he’s had the opportunity to learn a thing or two, and loves bringing his camera along to photo shoots and weddings!

adam loves working out. he has a passion for cycling, olympic weight lifting, and crossfit. he’s a musician, sings in a punk band, and can play almost any instrument you throw at him. he’s a jack of all trades and has never failed anything he puts his mind to. he puts 150% into everything he does, and makes sure chelle does too.

if adam had a free weekend: he’d spend it relaxing at home with his two cats, Henry and Roger, or at his favourite gym, lifting heavy weights over his head (he’d love to be an olympic weight lifter when he grows up.)


cherakee joins the team just for weddings. we don’t know what we’d do without her. with her on our team, we become a complete and functioning tripod!

cherakee can often be found hunched over her computer, experimenting with photoshop, for hours (seriously). she has a fine arts degree from NSCAD, and is basically a creative genius. her use of colour and texture in her work is like no other!

she loves a good cup of coffee (even late at night), lemon meringue pie, and anything involving cheese. she gets way too excited over light fixtures, area rugs, glass jars, and pyrite.

if cherakee had a free weekend: she’d spend it with her family – her darling daughter, frania, who is a real firecracker, and dashing chef fiancé, tim.

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special shout out to Rachael Shrum Photography, Johanna Hietanen Photography, and The Wayfarers for our pics.

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