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anne and nick | halifax ns wedding photography

A little warning in advance, this blog post is super image heavy, but it’s worth the wait to let the images load, I promise!

Anne and Nick’s playful summer wedding was one of my favourites from last year. Anne, born in Nova Scotia, and Nick, from Germany, chose Chester as the perfect location to celebrate their love with friends and family from near and far.

Lobsters and Lederhosen was the slogan for their wedding dy, and it really lived up to that slogan. With special touches from Anne’s home town, and sweet European traditions, this wedding was definitely one to remember for us. We loved the perfect mix of east coast and German traditions!

Anne’s pink homemade dress, and lush floral bridesmaid’s dress (and one deluxe pink bridesmaid’s suit) made this wedding stand out, and will forever be one of my all time favourites!