About Me

Hi, I'm Chelle! I'm an easy going person, who likes to enjoy the small things in life. I try to live modestly and gratefully, and want to experience life in the best way... by photographing people and their love stories.

Besides photography I love my adorable cats, my elderly goldfish (who is nearly 15 years old), travelling the world, a good Netflix binge, making friends with complete strangers, and all-you-can-eat sushi!

halifax wedding photographer

A little more about me...

I love to document everything. whether it's with my camera, or just my iphone (after all, the best camera is the one you have with you, amiright?)

I have a fine art degree from NSCAD with a major in photography, and a minor in art history. If it wasn't for my love of photography and the ocean, I'd probably be off working in a museum in Paris, or living in the mountains of Iceland.

I love animals, and snuggling my cats is one of my favourite activities. I also love travelling, sleeping in, and eating breakfast for supper!

I'm a real day-dreamer, and have always been bursting with creativity. Art and photography are my life and my passions.

If I had a free weekend: I'd be road trippin'! I'd hop in the car with a backpack and my camera and just drive. It wouldn’t matter where, just so long as there were some good snacks, and an adventure to be had.

halifax wedding photographer
halifax wedding photographer
halifax wedding photographer

The wedding dream team


Cherakee joins the team just for weddings, and I honestly don’t know what I'd do without her!

She can often be found at her computer, experimenting with photoshop, making master pieces like a painter with a canvas!

Cher has a fine arts degree from NSCAD, and is basically a creative genius. her use of colour and texture in her work is like no other!Cher loves a good cup of coffee (even late at night), lemon meringue pie, and anything involving cheese. She gets way too excited over light fixtures, area rugs, glass jars, and pyrite.

If Cherakee had a free weekend: she’d spend it with her family – her darling daughter, Frania, who is a real firecracker and a real talented musician already, and dashing chef husband, Tim.


how long have you been shooting?

i hate to say this, because it seems so cliche, but literally ever since i can remember, i had a camera in my hand! my first camera was a Kodak 110 film camera that my grandma gave me for my birthday when i was 5 or 6, and i took photos of EVERYTHING (my stuffed animals, mostly.)

growing up, my mom was a bit of an amateur photographer, and always had a camera pointed at my sister and i. when i got older, she loaned me her Canon AE-1 for art school, which i still use and cherish to this day.

i've been shooting people, families and weddings since 2010!

what inspires you?

you do! your love for each other. your personalities and the way you smile at each other. capturing the smallest details that no one else notices. symmetry, straight lines, getting the perfect catchlight in your eye, and the gratification that comes from knowing the next photo could be the best one I’ve ever taken.

do you have an assistant?

i do, and i don’t know what i’d do without him.

my husband adam tags along for almost every shoot. he’s friendly, cute, and bubbly and is mostly there just to hold all of my stuff, and your purse… and your jacket… and your baby… and your dog… and the reflector…
all at the same time!

what kind of gear do you use?

i’m a strong believer in the saying “the camera doesn’t make the photographer”, and the gear you have doesn’t necessarily make or break you.with that said, i also believe in providing my clients with the best possible photographs! i’ve gone through a few different cameras over the years, and i’ve chosen to stick with my Canon gear. upgrading every 2 or 3 years. currently, i’m shooting with 2 canon 6d mrk ii and a variety of lenses and flashes.

how far in advance should i book you for my wedding?

i generally book between 12-16 months out. contact me as soon as you can to make sure your date is still available! there are certain dates every year that tend to be the most popular (long weekends in May, August, September, and October go first.) even though those dates go fast, it never hurts to email and ask, even if your wedding is only a month away!

how do i pay for my wedding photography?

for weddings, a $700 (plus tax) deposit is required upon booking and signing of the contract, to ensure that your date is saved. this deposit is non refundable. the remaining amount can be paid in increments leading up to your big day, and full payment needs to be received a week prior to your wedding day. i accept cash, cheques and email money transfers.

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