I am not really sure where to start with Kristie and Marce. There are wedding days that feel like work, and there are wedding days that feel like you're just part of the family. This was one of them!

With big families on both sides, everyone welcomed us with warm open arms.

These two are some of the nicest, sweetest humans that ever walked the earth, and I feel privileged to know them, and even more so to have photographed a part of their love story.

This day was beyond perfect, even though it was the HOTTEST day on record (I don't know if that's true, but it felt like it). We spent a good portion of photo time laying on the ground eating McDonald's, because it was too soupy outside to move, but the photos, and this day, I will never ever forget.

Thank you Kristie and Marce, for being the incredible humans you are!