Hi! It's me here, with some new headshots, a new website, and some new scary things happening in my life.

Let me start this blog post out by saying that I absolutely love my job. Seriously, I couldn't imagine ever doing anything else... but I have been absent... I know. I’m currently undergoing some big, scary, and majorly heartbreaking life changes.

I know this isn’t the most profesh thing to do but I need to be open… so let’s talk a little, k?

It's no secret that the last few years have been really challenging for everyone, for small businesses, and the wedding industry, because of the dreaded "c" word (covid incase you have been living on a different planet) that we are all sick of hearing at this point.

For me personally, it was especially hard as the pandemic jumped right on the back of an uphill battled with with grief, depression and anxiety that I had been dealing with since the loss of my dad 9 months prior.

The grief I was feeling hurt, and in turn it hurt my business. I felt like I was no longer running a business, it was running me. I spent the majority of the last 2 years with my head just barely above water trying to navigate this new world, working my little butt off to accommodate reschedule after reschedule, calming the nerves of anxious to-be-wed couples, weddings canceled, money that had been budgeted, gone… all at the detriment of my own life. 

Fast forward 2 years: I’m unfortunately separated from the love of my life... and no longer living in the Halifax area. In fact, I’m alone for the first time in my adult life and I’m not gonna lie it’s absolutely terrifying. I have a core group of friends who have been helping me when they can but ultimately my life, my future, and the future of my business is looking majorly different. 

The truth is, my work is making me sad. Every time I look at my camera bag sitting in the corner I cry... over the last few months in particular my work has become a reminder to me of some really difficult things in my life. Those who have been a part of my journey since the beginning know that he was a huge part of it. He was there at every wedding, every shoot, to make you smile, to hold your purse, to watch your baby so you and your partner could have a few moments alone in front of the camera. He was just as much a part of my business as I am. The person who has helped me with every aspect of not only my business but my life... my partner, my whole world... is no longer by my side, and guys it's been really fucking hard. I’ve been having a hard time focusing, and have been delayed in my email responses. Editing times are getting longer. Etc etc.

I'm sorry.

With all that out in the open, I honestly can't wait to feel inspired again by all of you lovely people who look to me to capture their special life moments. So please don’t give up on me even if it feels frustrating to get ahold of me or if you have to wait a little longer for your photos than you'd hoped.

I hope with time it will all get easier, I just need a little patience and help right now.